Thank You!

There is a lost art in our culture, and that is the art of formal, personalized and hand written thank you notes.  To reinforce this trend away from the handwritten word, children are not taught cursive writing in most school systems these days, public or private.  This is disappointing.  The value of a truly personalized,… Read More

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Firms work tirelessly to create businesses and portfolios that matter.  They engage around philosophy and process, find unique investment ideas and approaches, and manage risk on behalf of clients.  How well is your team telling this story?  Does your team – both portfolio managers and business development professionals – share a consistent and demonstrated passion… Read More

Whose Pitching Who?

In regular interaction with managers of all shapes and sizes you learn a few things about context. Managers often want to put their story into their own context, but it is the context of the listener that matters most. Pitching well is a skill and one that takes significant time, effort and introspection. Before entering… Read More


Looking to expand market share? Here are a few rules for the road in defining target markets and managing prospects: CHANNELS FIRST When the goal is sales, it is quite common for firms to seek to market broadly across channels and market segments without enough consideration of the trends, requirements and processes representative of each… Read More