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We're Obsessed With Solutions

A women-owned and operated enterprise, Noble Ark Ventures was established in 2017 to provide business development, strategic positioning and organizational management consulting services to firms seeking growth. We believe in the power of efficiency and implement smart solutions that move the needle.

What Do We Do?

We work with our clients to identify pain points within their organization and implement solutions that accelerate growth. Our recommendations are not simply bold ideas and market perspectives; they are built on decades of experience, shaped by real time data, and tailored to your unique business.

How Do We Do It?

Whether your organization is looking for a major interruption to "business as usual" or you simply want a written framework to define your path forward, Noble Ark Ventures has a solution

& Bootcamps

Efficient consulting engagements designed to achieve your organization's specific needs and vision for growth.

The NAV Curriculum Series

This series is designed to take an organization through the twelve core elements of business development, or to detour directly to any element of interest to the firm.

NAV Books & Printables

Browse available books written by NAV Founder & CEO, Sandra Powers Murphy, as well as printable tools and templates for immediate use.

Why Do We Do It?

A recent conversation with a client reminded us why we do what we do. The client was working with a consulting resource and complained of a six month project that provided some 'great thinking' but no action plan nor follow up.  


Most consulting firms offer big words and even bigger price tags. At Noble Ark Ventures, we pride ourselves on offering solutions. Our work is not simply in the identification of changes needed, but in the implementation of that change across organizations.

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