There are plenty of books on the market and a proliferation of content around marketing and sales best practices. None of these resources provide the direct guidance and framework needed to make meaningful enhancements to organizations. The Road to AUM: Driving Assets Under Management through Effective Marketing & Sales was written to provide direct market feedback, and a game plan for firms seeking growth. Here is what people are saying about The Road to AUM:

"Sandra Powers Murphy has created a comprehensive marketing & sales handbook for managers that is equally valuable for any service business--small or large. The tool kits presented in The Road to AUM should be a must-read for anyone just starting out or seeking to accelerate growth in the professional services environment.

Susan Loconto Penta, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Midior Consulting; Executive Professor, Northeastern University

"The Road to AUM is the step by step guide on how best to approach your business through the marketing and sales lens. The reader can use this book as a tool to ask the tough questions that need to be asked on how and why the business is not growing and then use the advice and insight of experienced professionals who have seen it all to accomplish a growth strategy. Sandra Powers Murphy's connections and the direct feedback to asset allocators are unique to this book. It is a must read for business professionals."

Susan Keller, Founder, Entrepreneurial Executives and CEO Atlas