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Sandra Powers Murphy

"The one universal commonality
between organizations big and small is that without an integrated game plan
for business development that engages
the whole organization, there can
be no long-term growth."

Eli Neusner

""Even those firms with the most compelling, captivating story will fail
if they are unable to articulate
and successfully convey that story
when it matters most."

Amanda Gelhaus

"Firms can view the permanent shift
towards digital as an invaluable opportunity or an obstacle. It is
up to them to determine that
narrative and decide what role
they want to play within it."

Jeannette DiBiase

"Consistency is the most important
factor that differentiates a good firm
from a great firm; organizations must
be consistent in their content,
messaging and process to compete
in today's market."


We provide business development, strategic planning & organizational consulting to firms seeking growth. 

You've have the vision, we've got the blueprint.

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