The Importance of Team Engagement

More than ever before, 2020 demonstrated the value of teams. There is even an app that gained serious attention in 2020 called ‘Teams’ (thank you Microsoft). Consistent feedback from organizations of all sizes is that the added time to connect, albeit virtually, made a huge difference in organizational project work, team effort and idea generation. Here are some questions to ask about your own team, and steps to take as we enter 2021 to foster further team engagement:

1. What has your team’s level of engagement been?

2. Could it be better?

3. Do you have formal meetings and engagement tools in place to ensure you are maximizing firm resources at all levels of the organization?

4. Are team goals clear? Known? Embraced? Consistently reviewed and vetted?

5. Are all team members working together efficiently?

If your answers are questionable in any of the areas above, now is the time to invest in these critical success elements as 2021 will surely be another eventful, and largely virtual year. Your team is depending on you.

At Noble Ark Ventures, we are all about having formal, written and actionable game plans to focus our resources on. We are also completely dedicated to training and team engagement.

2020 taught us just how critical our own organizations are from a structure, resources and connectivity perspective. The madness that ensued upon Covid-19’s entrance onto the global stage in early March served as a colossal wake up call to firms big and small. Every aspect of business management, process and protocol was upended. 100% of marketing and sales strategies were tested.

Many will focus on the negatives, however we see numerous positives to this (hopefully)

‘once in a lifetime’ year, and many lessons learned to bring forward into 2021. In regard to your team, be sure that the following elements are in place before the baby new year is born:

1. Define team goals and share them

2. Determine team training needs and schedule it

3. Affirm team engagement tools and implement them

4. Evaluate team strengths and maximize them

5. Acknowledge team weaknesses and address them

Concerned you’ve got some loss ends? Seeking a more engaged, interactive team to maximize your firm’s presence and value in the market? Email us. We are here to help.