The Dog Days of Summer or Free Time to Gander?

The summer has gotten busier in recent years, but remains a great time to reflect, regroup and recharge. The days are longer, providing more time for activities, and reading! Do you keep a ‘samples’ file of interesting articles? Here is something else to spend some time on to gain new contacts and to gain a better understanding of ‘whose who’ in a particular market segment:

Check Out the Conference Circuit: There are several major players hosting conferences throughout the year and all over the world. Identify these forums and whether it is too late to jump on any last-minute events (perhaps at deep discounts if they aren’t sold out). If you have missed them and can’t get in, but potential prospects are coming to your area to attend a local event, perhaps there are some prospects you could encourage to visit your offices while they are in town? Additionally, these organizer’s websites often list the agendas, speakers and sometimes ‘past’ attendees, which are great sources of data if you are seeking information on whose who in a particular space. Take some time to pull past agendas from the current calendar year and see if there are names you didn’t know who are worth reaching out to. This exercise can often yield a solid list of additional contacts to pursue right now, when much of the market is on summer vacation.