Thank You!

There is a lost art in our culture, and that is the art of formal, personalized and hand written thank you notes.  To reinforce this trend away from the handwritten word, children are not taught cursive writing in most school systems these days, public or private.  This is disappointing.  The value of a truly personalized, handwritten note is priceless.

There are professionals who make this a habit, ad they are greatly rewarded for it, regardless of the quality of their penmanship.  This small exercise is short on cost and time and big on value.  It is human nature to want some appreciation for the work we do, the time we take, the care we give.  In a world of 365/24/7 technology it is an even greater task to take the time away from screens to draft a note of thanks, and to pop it in the mail, stamp, address and all.

Can you think of 3 people worthy of sending personal notes to this week?