Stop Reactive Marketing: Commit To A Content Calendar To Ensure Focused Efforts

At the end of the day, good markets or bad, it is your team’s ability to tell your story that will drive interest and assets. 2020 taught us that yes, even in a global pandemic the market is still alive and well, and quite interested in knowing what makes your firm different. In fact, the market is seeking more avenues to understanding who is in the market, what they have to offer, why it is of value, and where they can find it. As a result, we encourage an active content calendar broken into the 4 quarters, 12 months and 52 weeks of the year focused on the key themes of the organization and its offering, with thoughtful variation of content around:

- WHO (firm presence and brand; the firm’s story and the team doing the work)

- WHAT (the philosophy/rationale and clear listing of firm offerings)

- WHY (the rationale for engaging the firm/differentiators in process and products

- WHERE (the firm’s offerings fit)

We also learned that more can be less. Tighten up your content, regardless of its format, by removing all superfluous words and

ideas that draw attention away from the most differentiated positioning of the organization. Have a clear Unique Selling Proposition

(USP) and consistently use it to drive conversations and outcomes. Have a core message/theme per month or per quarter, and

maximize it across mediums.

Add customization; your competitors are already doing so.

Don’t start 2021 without a dynamic, team-built calendar that incorporates all major initiatives and content focus areas. Changing market conditions might cause you to take a detour, but at least you’ll have a plan the team can get behind, plan around and kick start the year with.

Not sure how to build an effective content calendar? We are here to help.