Part II: Trading Travel for Technology

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

In our previous post, the Noble Ark Ventures team provided readers insight into the world of Search Engine Optimization, outlining simple and effective SEO techniques that your firm can implement at no cost to enhance your company’s digital presence in the modern era. Now that you have taken the time to ensure your firm’s website and other digital outlets are in tip-top shape, you may be thinking of diving deeper into the realm of digital marketing. Before jumping in headfirst (or better yet, wallet-first), the NAV team provides the following tips and tricks to maximize your digital investment.

Get Social

Not all social media platforms are created equal. Familiarize yourself with the top players based on the channels you are marketing to and conduct an objective assessment of how your firm stacks up within each. Create a table that captures the following data points:

How many followers do you have on each platform?

How often do you post/interact with your followers per week?

How many likes, shares or saves is your content receiving?

How much lead generation is each platform driving to your site? (Your website provider

will typically provide these visitor origin metrics.)

Rank your posts; which content is resulting in the most engagement?

Rank 1-3 competitors in your space; look at how each compares to your statistics.

Understand the Social Media Funnel

Before paying for any platform-specific advertisement, understand that user behavior differs

dramatically across platforms, and your content should as well.

General Market:

This segment constitutes the largest part of the social media funnel. Use

platforms like Twitter and Instagram to connect with the general market. Provide them with

non-promotional, high-level, bite-sized bits of content that serve as a broad overview of your

firm’s brand, expertise, and identity. Utilize graphics and a cohesive aesthetic that reinforces

this identity and avoid ‘sales’ language.

Engaged Market:

Utilize platforms like Facebook to interact with the engaged market; these users are likely familiar with what you do. Perhaps they read publications in your space or are familiar with your competitors. Use this platform to post mid-tier content that seeks

to drive traffic to your website. Share articles that are relevant to your philosophy, process and/or space and provide concise commentary on what’s happening around you.

Potential Allocators:

Platforms like LinkedIn constitute the smallest portion of the social media funnel, targeting potential allocators. These individuals are the most likely to be involved in the investment or research process. This audience is comprised of a firm’s

strategic partners, colleagues and network connections who are active in your space and have both capacity and interest in your firm’s detailed thought leadership pieces, research journal entries, white papers, case studies and more. Use this platform to provide a deeper

dive into what differentiates your firm and process. Share links to these pieces with short, concise summaries that provide a brief explanation of the content on the other end of the link. Refrain from loud graphics and broad, sweeping posts.

Industry Publications and Platforms:

While the broad-based market value inherent in LinkedIn and other Social Media applications is well known, the reality is you are likely looking for a very specific type of recipient. While you may maximize reach through social media, you are less likely to maximize your return. Targeted publications and platforms are often a better application for resources. Consider platforms such as IRIS.XYZ, Financial Investment News and FA Magazine for relatively efficient market access points. Consider P&I, Barrons, WSJ, Forbes and others for promoting broad based messaging and firm positioning when budgets permit

Have a Plan!!!

Regardless of what social media, SEO, publications and general marketing allocations you make in the digital world, be sure you have a highly structured game plan to answer the questions surrounding content scope, format, resources and timing. One incredibly well

written, timely and effectively placed communications will accomplish more than several lack luster 'check the box’ efforts.

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