New Year, New Game Plan?

New years often start with new year resolutions, and a desire to do better, more, different (or maybe less) than we did the year before. New year resolutions can be applied to businesses too. Tired of banging your head against the wall on the  road to AUM? Feeling like the numbers are there but the assets are not? We felt it was important to take a single blog post to ensure that our readers are aware of the Noble Ark Ventures Curriculum Series now available. Built upon the content, commentary and research in The Road to AUM: Driving Assets Under Management through Effective Marketing and Sales, the Noble Ark Ventures Curriculum Series breaks down the 12 core elements of business development. Organizations can implement the series over the course of 1 year, or a few weeks, depending on the current profile of the team. Whether the firm is a large organization with an orphaned strategy or seeking to engage a new channel, or whether the firm is relatively new to market and sub $1B in AUM, the curriculum series is a game changer. Everyone wants the silver bullet. The curriculum series is not a silver bullet, but rather the gold rush of organized, structured, focused and documented business development implementation. Through the series, and perhaps if nothing else by reviewing this list the firm will be reminded of areas for improvement. Each element incorporates an audio recording, presentation, team member workbooks, excel file of each set of exercises by topic, and a series guide to ensure full team engagement across each core element as follows:

I. Establish the Firm’s Framework (including a review of the offering, team, brand and capital commitment of the firm)

II. Define/Refine the Competition

III. Define/Refine Target Markets

IV. Create the Firm’s Oeuvre (a content library)

V. Enhance its Collateral System

VI. Engage around Databases & Due Diligence Questionnaires

VII. Review & Enhance its Online Marketing Profile (web, social media and social networking)

VIII. Improve the Firm Presentation (reviewing protocol, presenters and technology use in meetings)

IX. Define its Resource Management

X. Get Connected

XII. Ensure Team Training

Why is this curriculum series different? It engages the entire team, ensures complete vetting and analysis of existing capabilities and market expectations, and ensures that the firm is fully prepared to gain traction on the road to AUM. What are you waiting for? Make a change. Take time to review. Engage your organization. Make your marketing and sales matter by ensuring it is on track today.