Make an Impact!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Our world is changing rapidly. This is not a new scenario. What is new, however, is the change in sentiment in the good old United States of America. Never before has there been such a climate of social consciousness. The silver lining in a series of dark clouds related to a confluence of national and world events has left Americans yearning to make a difference.

What will be your difference?

While impact has been a topic of great interest for many years, we are seeing the convergence of talk and action in a new way with significant momentum moving in the direction of direct impact, whether made in time or dollars, into causes near and far. People are talking about implementing a variety of ideas that ‘matter’ in the world of social, economic and environmental reform. A recent review of LinkedIn job postings in Boston, Massachusetts alone as of early Q2 2018 listed 342 ‘Philanthropy Jobs’. That is some strong demand.

Here is an exercise in which individuals can consider how they spend their resources across a variety of categories in relation to impact. This exercise is also meaningful in relation to life–how are you spending your resources when considering the following 4 quadrants:

- Time

- Talent

- Treasure

- Ties

We are excited to see how individuals, corporations and society at large elect to ‘make an impact’ in the months and years ahead. What will your impact be?