Looking to Add Focus and Clarity to your Efforts? Try Meditating

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

As a LCSW with more than 25 years of professional experience working within and with companies of all different shapes and sizes, our founder, Sandra Powers Murphy, is dogmatic about her commitment to meditation.  While this isn’t something that comes up in general business development consulting engagements, it is a regular suggestion in organizational consulting and one-on-one training.  Why?  Meditation provides us all with a much needed space in our busy lives to center ourselves, to focus, and to gain clarity.  Here are Sandra’s best tips for thinking about mediation as a value-added activity in any professional’s day to day life, particularly when we believe we have the least amount of me and energy to deploy ourselves:

Why:  Meditation enhances calm, clarity, focus and patience.  Meditation also improves you ability to breathe deeply and with purpose, a skill that is invaluable in moments of stress.

How:  Meditation does not require any specific equipment, location, amount of time, energy level of money!

Where:  There are a multitude of free apps that are available to download onto a phone or tablet, permitting the user to select a meditation anytime, anywhere.

What:  Two of my personal favorite meditation practices are:

a.  Moving meditations:  while flying, walking, traveling or commuting, select one or a series of meditations to feel grounded, calm and centered.

b. Transitional meditations:  before getting out of bed in the morning, or when going to bed at night, put on a meditation instead of the snooze button or TV to help you transition.

When:  How about right now? Meditations can be as short as a few minutes and as long as you want. Pick an app, pick a meditation that intrigues you, sit back, relax and just listen and breathe. Overtime, individuals will self-select voices they enjoy, music they prefer, the amount of silence they want, and whether they need a facilitated session at all v. simply their own process. There is no right or wrong way, time or place to meditate. Every minute spent meditating is beneficial, providing notable physical and mental health benefits which will pay dividends in communications, decision making, confidence and calm.