Its Q2 2020: What Can We Do Right Now? (Part II)

Updated: May 21, 2020

Reprioritize Prospects:

In part two of our series: It’s Q2 2020: What Can We Do Now, we will focus on reprioritizing prospects. In other words, where should we focus on new opportunities in these difficult times?

The reality is your prospects may not have the bandwidth to best ‘hear’ your message right now, unless they were actively watching you prior to March and this happens to be an excellent time to take advantage of your particular offering(s). In most cases, these two criteria will be limited. For those who do have both active, engaged prospects AND the perfect market storm of a ‘great opportunity right now’, go for it. For those that don’t, be highly selective about marketing right now, as it can backfire. Determine what you have that is most valuable, and to whom it is most relevant right now, and focus your energy and resources there.

In addition, consider the agility of the prospect. Your best near-term prospect in this environment is a decision maker who is familiar with you already and can make a decision relatively autonomously.

Regardless of whether you have a strong, active pipeline of agile prospects or not, what you can provide to your prospect base is value added market intelligence that is different from the mass communications served up by the media and largest competitors. Communicate about the nuances, the niches and the opportunities you see. Show your prospect base how you are different and how connecting with you will make them wiser, wealthier investors. Add meaning to the market, not noise.