Its Q2 2020: What Can We Do Right Now? (Part IV)

Improve Your Infrastructure

In part four of our series: It’s Q2 2020: What Can We Do Now, we will focus on infrastructure improvement.

What are the three things you would change about your organization right now if you could? If the answer is nothing, think again. You’ve probably heard the saying “innovate or die”. That might sound extreme, but it is true that stagnant companies are rarely the most successful ones.

Here are some common areas for improvement to consider that are ideal for ‘downtime’ implementation, when team members are not on the road and the need for connection is strong:

1. Team Training

Have you always wanted the team to present better? To work together better? To understand each other’s roles and value-added better? To enhance processes and procedures? To hand off opportunities better? To follow up better? You get the idea. What a perfect time to engage around team training. The team may never be this available, and this amenable, again.

2. Business Development

While you might question the team’s ability to ‘get the sale’ right now, how about revisiting the process itself? When is the last time the team reviewed its core messaging, fee structure, RFI/RFP response protocol and CRM? What a perfect time to consider a change and/or to simply tighten up the process.

3. Digital Presence

What does your SEO analysis look like? Did you know that in a matter of minutes, through free resources on the web, you can run a baseline analysis about your website, its traffic, visitors and content? Now is an excellent time to revisit your digital presence, both at the firm and individual contributor level. Also consider a thorough review of your website. Have the team identify 5 competitive sites they ‘like’ and evaluate if yours matches up, and most importantly if it ‘tells your story’ the best it can.

4. Branding

Brand development is important. For many organizations they may have created an initial identity at the time of firm inception and haven’t revisited it since. What tells the market that you are active, engaged, focused, modern and ready for future business better than a brand refresh? Without changing your stripes entirely, consider the last time you made any adjustments, revisit the firm’s core brand identity and compare it to those in your industry. If you have fallen behind, now is a great time to catch up.

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