Its Q2 2020: What Can We Do Right Now? (Part III)

Updated: May 21, 2020


In part three of our series: It’s Q2 2020: What Can We Do Now, we will focus on innovation and the opportunity to make something of this difficult time.

Quick; think of three things you always wanted to do as a business or with your team. What ‘issues’ immediately come up and what opportunities do you want to make a reality? Certain market participants will run for the hills, and others will use this time as an opportunity to innovate. This innovation may take many forms, from a new strategy to a new marketing message to a new channel.

Is there something the team has talked about for some time that warrants more immediate attention given current market conditions? A project the organization has considered that will bring everyone together and reinforce the firm’s value proposition? A strategy that would be ideally launched in this environment? Perhaps taking on something new right now is not feasible, but it is the perfect time to engage the team. At a minimum, schedule a brainstorming session with the team to open the dialogue about what your organization can do, or do differently. The dialogue alone will make a difference. We always have two choices in life; take the road towards positive engagement, hope and innovation every time.