Got Book Dreams? Here Are Some Useful Prompts

Noble Ark Ventures' founder and CEO, Sandra Powers Murphy , is also the author of The Road to AUM: Driving Assets Under Management through Effective Marketing and Sales. This book project took many years and has produced much in the way of conversations. Common questions often asked are how the topic was decided upon, and what might be the next book Sandra will write? These are not uncommon questions for authors, as authors statistically tend to be serial writers, producing multiple works and/or utilizing their book content in a variety of ways. Further, when asked if they enjoy the process of writing, while authors may often comment on the challenges of completing a book project, they will almost always talk about the joys of the writing process and ideas they have for future works. For Sandra, the ‘what’s next’ topics are many and highly varied, ranging from additional business books to some personal memoirs around blended families (Sandra married a widow, adopting two young boys, and parenting 6 children, creating a 8 family strong modern Brady Bunch) and the intersection of work and family (unlikely requiring an explanation).

What might you wish to write about with this one wonderful, magical life? Here are a series of prompts, broken into business and personal, to get you writing:

Business Related:

What 'irks' you? What winning strategy has worked for you/your firm?

What do you wish you had known when you started your career?

What problem did you find a solution to?

What process have you improved?

What outcome did you solve for?

What roadblocks got in your way?

What philosophy do you espouse?

What business failure do you think could help others?

What business success could support others if only they heard your story?

What experience did you have on that business trip back when?

What conversation did you have in that boardroom that changed your life?

What lessons have you learned?

What principles do you find most impactful to positive business outcomes?

What strategies are worth repeating?

What history is worth sharing?

What case studies are worth repeating?

What should others avoid?

What should others embrace?

What combination of factors are most relevant to business success, in your experience?

What does good business look like to you?

What philosophies on life do you apply to business?

How did you do something?

How can you make something?

How to ______________.

How not to ___________.


A moment in time

A change in plans

An awakening

An opportunity

An event

A discovery

A tradition

A family

A family member

You/A memoir

An activity you love

An activity you hate, and found an alternative solution for

How to _____________

A relationship

A life change

A location

A trip

A different time in history

A passion

A project

A purpose

An experience

A tragedy

A loss

A love

A lesson

A lifetime of lessons

A compilation of letters

A compilation of stories

A compilation of moments

A history of events

An idea

An annoyance

A perspective

A philosophy

A story you are often asked to repeat or tell others

A story that you wish you had told your younger self

A story to preserve a history

A story to inform the future

An experience that changed lives

An aha moment

A change in direction

An explanation

A place

A pet

A story for children

A story for the next generation

A journey to the past

A journey to the future

An object

A dream