Email Marketing: How to Ensure Delivery and Maximize Readership

At present, email activity across industries is at an all time high. As web traffic increases and other forms of communication prove challenging, if not impossible, business development professionals are experiencing ever-increasing bounce and unsubscribe rates. Noble Ark Ventures provides the following practical methods of ensuring delivery and maximizing readership:

Ensure you have a clean set of data

The first place to begin when attempting to reduce your email campaign's bounce rate is to ensure a clean set of data. Due to the unprecedented restructuring and realignment of organizations as a result of COVID-19 related downsizing and furloughing, many longstanding email addresses have suddenly become void. Organizations should cross reference their data against an email validation software such as NeverBounce, ZeroBounce, or MillionVerifier on a semi-annual basis to ensure that recipient addresses are current and viable.

Avoid words and phrases that could trigger spam filters

Many common words and phrases native to the investment industry will trigger traditional spam filters, causing an immediate bounce. Avoid using the following words in your distributions: cash, credit, certified, income, earnings, debt, expect to earn, opportunity, passive income, profits and deal.

Send campaigns strategically and respect business hours

This tip may seem obvious, but it is frequently overlooked by busy marketing professionals and can result in significant bounce rate upticks. Limit the number of emails sent to a single recipient to two per week maximum and try to stick within the traditional 9-5 workday window. Not only does doing so indicate respect for the recipient's time, it ensures that your important message does not get sandwiched into their post 5-pm email box and subsequently overshadowed by the next morning's priorities.