Make an Impact!

Our world is changing rapidly. This is not a new scenario. What is new, however, is the change in sentiment in the good old United States of America. Never before has there been such a climate of social consciousness. The silver lining in a series of dark clouds related to a confluence of national and… Read More

Never ‘Again’

Never ‘Again’

The customer is always right. That is what we are taught in Business 101. Of course, we know it is not the case. Yet it is an important element of business acumen. As important as ‘know your customer’ and many others we all seek to keep in mind when interacting with prospects and customers alike.… Read More

Experience Is Never Perfect

When things look too good to be true, they typically are. Firms often want to hide their flaws: investments that didn’t work, changes to process that went undocumented, blips in the track record, regulatory events, organizational changes, and so on. Burying details is ill-advised. Institutional investment management research professionals want to work with investment managers… Read More

Market Changes: Platform Rationalization and Replacement Searches

The world has changed, and the investment management landscape has changed along with it. While the 2000s were spent by organizations building out extensive and diversified platforms of investment options, the 2010s have been spent unwinding them. Easiest to unwind is liquid and separately managed account structures, but private equity, venture and limited partnership investments… Read More

Find a Devil’s Advocate

Firms must resist the temptation to dive into institutional outreach without first laying the appropriate ground work. Managers can undoubtedly find marketing and sales resources who love their story enough to plow full steam ahead right along with them. These resources, whether internal or external, may encourage managers to jump in, feet first, with the… Read More