Noble Ark Curriculum Series

Workbook Series



The Noble Ark Ventures Curriculum Series was developed to provide organizations with an interactive framework for defining their organizational infrastructure, offerings, marketing and sales plan. Each of the below elements includes both an audio recording and workbook which can be completed by individuals, or teams, seeking additional insight and a structural development framework. Organizations are encouraged to complete each unit in the series in the order provided below, and to allot the necessary time and resources to full organizational review,  integration and commitment. As there are 12 units in the series, firms are encouraged to consider implementing one unit per month, however expedited completion and the incorporation of a facilitator are possible to enhance the timeline. To learn more about the curriculum series, contact us at [email protected]


Investment Management Organization Curriculum:

  • Establishing the Firm’s Framework: An Analytical Review of Team, Offering, Brand & Capital Commitment
    Complete a detailed review of the firm’s framework to ensure that it meets institutional standards. Through this module, organizations can complete an internal assessment of their product offering(s), team infrastructure and brand positioning. Additionally, this module incorporates an often-overlooked aspect of firm preparedness, an outline and confirmation of its financial commitment to the asset gathering process.
  • Defining the Competition: A Structured Review of The Competitive Landscape
    Clear about the firm’s competition? Organizations can ensure full understanding and vetting of their offering’s competition by completing this detailed assessment. By completing this module, teams will have a broader appreciation for the competitive landscape, and steps that should be taken to overcome competitive obstacles.
  • Defining Target Markets: Prioritizing Channels & Prospects
    Who is the right prospect for the firm’s offering(s)? Organizations who take the time to review channel criteria and prospect profiles, creating a game plan around their marketing and sales efforts to these constituents, will avoid wasted efforts on the wrong prospects. This module is designed to assist firms in defining a game plan for channel discovery and prospect confirmation that seeks to ensure efficient marketing moving ahead.
  • Creating the Firm’s Oeuvre: A Content Library
    What content does the firm have today and where is it held? Who is the arbitrator of key messaging and is the firm consistent in its communications, pulling from a well defined and approved content library? Utilize this module to create the firm’s oeuvre, establishing a content library that will provide consistent, timely and relevant core messaging for the firm’s use now and in the future.
  • Core Collateral System: Components, Development & Maintenance
    While core collateral may not be rocket science, it does tend to defy the odds in its inconsistency. Organizations who take the time to identify, define and implement a core collateral system will have the tools they need to build market presence over time. This module will outline core elements of the collateral system, and assist with factors to consider among elements to ensure consistency and sufficient brand identity to meet institutional expectations.
  • Database & Due Diligence Questionnaires: Content, Protocol & Implementation
    Who is populating your databases today and when was the last time a quality control check was implemented? Is your data in the correct databases? Complete this module to engage the organization on a timely review of database content and due diligence questionnaire preparedness.
  • Online Marketing: Websites, Social Media & Social Networking
    Online marketing presents unique opportunities for firms to stand out. These opportunities also create potential challenges as firm’s seek to put their best foot forward in the market. Organizations who complete this module will benefit from the internal dialogue and review of the firm’s presence online, across media. Whether the firm prefers a low profile, or an active online presence, organizations will benefit from a detailed review of website, social media and social networking considerations.
  • Firm Presentation: Making Introductions & Delivering In Live Meetings
    Firms work hard to build track records, teams and marketing materials to introduce their capabilities to the market. Ultimately, members of the team will be tasked with making formal introductions and attending in person meetings. These interactions can make or break a firm’s candidacy. This module outlines important factors to consider in making introductions and participating in live meetings. Firms are encouraged to complete a full team review of the module’s content to enhance the introduction and live meeting skills of all team members on behalf of the firm.
  • Ongoing Communications: Commentary, Proactive & Reactive Content Development
    Organizations often work hard at initial positioning, yet then fail to follow up. Ongoing communications are critical to staying in front of prospects. This module includes the most standard of all ongoing communications—commentary, coupled with a variety of ancillary ongoing communications opportunities that mangers must take advantage of.
  • Resource Management: The Who, What, When, Where & How of Staffing Up
    Who’s on first? What is performed by in-house staff and what is supported by external vendors? Are in-house resources wearing multiple hats? Does the firm have the right resource allocations in place to win institutional mandates? How best can firms establish an infrastructure that they can grow with? Complete this module to ensure the firm has a viable game plan for resource allocation and growth.
  • Getting Connected: A Game Plan for Building Presence
    The market does not seek out managers as often as managers must seek out the market. A critical step of firm building is networking, engaging the industry and seeking opportunities to make connections. This module will assist firms in evaluating their current connectivity and establishing a game plan for market reach.
  • Team Training: Building & Sustaining Momentum
    The best of intentions are insufficient when it comes to institutional business development. Firms must be fully committed to the effort, and their team members must embrace the journey as well. Team’s that are fully engaged, participatory in defining the firm’s goals and game plan, and active in the process of marketing and selling to organizations, will have the best opportunity for growth. This module provides a framework for team engagement.