Looking to Raise Assets? Keep It Interesting

By: Scott 97006

The ninth tip to maximizing your marketing and sales effort according to The Road to AUM: Driving Assets Under Management through Effective Marketing and Sales, is to keep it interesting. Content and conversation must follow through on key messaging from beginning to end. Whatever the firm’s core messaging is, whether it be about process, transparency, team, or performance expectations, it is critical to demonstrate It through examples. Defining who a manager is–demonstrated over months and years–is what makes a manager investable by institutions over time. It is also exactly what makes the process take so long. Find unique ways to “show” the firm’s value. Tossing out monthly or quarterly numbers alone Is not a demonstration of the firm’s value-added, It Is a distribution of data points, and it is rarely ‘interesting’ without context that seeks to tie these results and examples exactly to what makes the firm worth hiring.