Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Firms work tirelessly to create businesses and portfolios that matter.  They engage around philosophy and process, find unique investment ideas and approaches, and manage risk on behalf of clients.  How well is your team telling this story?  Does your team – both portfolio managers and business development professionals – share a consistent and demonstrated passion… Read More

Marketing in Volatile Markets

Challenging markets create marketing challenges, but they don’t have to. Regardless of how a manager performed through a tough period, here are some rules for the road regarding marketing. BE PROMPT WITH MARKET UPDATES Managers often shy away from getting their numbers updated in databases, providing estimated results where applicable, and updating their core collateral,… Read More

Find a Devil’s Advocate

Firms must resist the temptation to dive into institutional outreach without first laying the appropriate ground work. Managers can undoubtedly find marketing and sales resources who love their story enough to plow full steam ahead right along with them. These resources, whether internal or external, may encourage managers to jump in, feet first, with the… Read More