Find a Devil’s Advocate

Firms must resist the temptation to dive into institutional outreach without first laying the appropriate ground work. Managers can undoubtedly find marketing and sales resources who love their story enough to plow full steam ahead right along with them. These resources, whether internal or external, may encourage managers to jump in, feet first, with the… Read More

The Road to AUM: Foreword

The Road to AUM: Foreword

Got performance? Seeking assets to manage? Frustrated by the youthful research professionals across the table who “just don’t get it” while seeming to control billions? Managers are often challenged by the process of asset gathering. Why doesn’t the market recognize the firm’s value? Where is the AUM? Here is a big idea. Let’s ask these… Read More

Resources At Work: Getting Help In Key Areas of Institutional Qualification

Managers need lots of resources to succeed in the asset management business. Often, a combination of internal and external resources is the best solution to ensure that firms have the necessary bandwidth and expertise to meet institutional qualification standards. Firms must carefully vet the capabilities of their in-house team, and then determine what is needed. Here are a few areas in which resources are best addressed head on to ensure effective business management. These areas are also good candidates for outsourced experts who can step in quickly:
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